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Default Re: acceptable distance for 9' 5 wt.

Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
That sucks. Hopefully you get feeling better before the fish start to bite.

Almost all of them. Mostly they are underrating them. In otherwords, if they are calling it a 5 wt., it's likely in the 6 or 7 wt. range. Some makers are pretty close but some are notoriously bad about it. plecain gave a link to the best way to figure out what the rod really is. There is a sticky at the top of the fly rods section of this forum that covers it pretty well also.
Thanks, Dan. I guess I could say I'm 100% over it now. Started out as pain in my left arm, which was kind of scary. Better Half browbeat me into an emergency room, turned out to be a pinched nerve, which I was pretty glad of at the time.

Haven't really had time to work with the 6 wt. line extensively, but the limited casting I've done seems to be better.


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Originally Posted by plecain View Post
Yes. Almost always...Common Cents system... really a 5.5WT; it works very well with this rod.

It's nice when theory and practice line up.
Thanks. I'll have to take a little time to study this and see how it applies.


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Originally Posted by imxer View Post

Have you contacted the rod manufacturer to find out if they have any advice regarding line weight? Think I would do that before investing in multiple lines. Whatever they tell you, their answer shouldn't put you behind where you are now and might make an improvement in performance. Best of luck to you.

I have not. The rod and line came as a package, and I assumed they put what they thought was appropriate on it. My thinking was that every rod could be different, and while one marked 5 wt. might actually be that, another, seemingly identical rod, could be a 6 or even a 4 wt.



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Originally Posted by glcaddis View Post
The biggest killer of distance with a SH rod is the failure to come to a hard stop at the 10 o'clock position on the forward cast. 40 foot cast will put you over a lot of fish, but to hit 60, you've got make that hard stop. Try this, get a good straight cast out 35 feet. Now pull off 5 more feet of line and hold it in your left hand. Make your normal cast and let go of the line on the forward cast. It should snap out and extend the cast to 40 feet. If it doesn't you are likely powering the rod too far down on the forward cast. Keep working on it until you get the five feet to snap out to 40. Then pull off another five feet and go for 45, then 50, etc. A double haul won't help, if you don't stop hard and high.
Well, that's only about, what the 73rd thing to think about during a 2 second cast? Just kidding, I'll pay more attention to my stops. I know my technique is the biggest problem here, so I was trying to take as many equipment problems out of the equation as I could.

Thanks, John
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