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Default Re: Last fly i'll ever tie....

Originally Posted by s fontinalis View Post
Thanks for the comments George. Much appreciated

The first fly in this thread is already in the hands of a collector. It was a special commission, but can certainly be tied again if you are interested in it.
I have quite a few other threads on here displaying some classic flies.

Two you might like most are "classic salmon flies" and "classic wet flies"
This link will bring you to all the threads i've started on the forum.

peruse them at your leisure, flies are posted in the 'general fly tying discussions'

The links didn't work for me but it's OK. I went back and found a bunch of your flies from past threads. Wow! It's worse than I thought!

You have an amazing gift my friend. I would certainly be interested in buying a few of your flies - assuming I can afford them of course!

I sent you a PM before I read your response. I would love some pre-mounted in those display mounts you recently showed on another thread, if that is an option. If not I'll build something suitable for them myself.
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