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Default Re: Pet Peeve's.............

I only have three things that get to me when I take a friend out fishing. I always provide all fly's, leader material, and sometimes rods so I don't care if they have no gear at all, no bother to me. What does get to me is when my time on the water is negatively effected by a fishing partner.

So these are my three pet peeves...

1) Fishing buddy
Q: "What time are we getting off the water?"
A: "When I feel like it!"

2) Me
Q:" Dude, where are you?.... Just meet me at the ramp and call when you want me to pick you up!"
Fishing Buddy
A:"Sorry bro, I didn't hear the alarm on my cell"

3) Fishing Buddy
Q: " Do we realy need to get up that early to go"
A: No WE don't, but yes I do have to get to the water early so I can fish first light.... Call me when you want to get picked up and I'll let you know what ramp to meet me at if I'm close enough to one to pick you up"
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