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Default Re: How fast is Winston VSL?


My recommendations to you would be to call a fly shop somewhere. Most staff at the fly shops are eager to help you out and will not think you are waisting their time. If you want to try the rod I know Leland Fly Shop will ship you the rod and reel and let you try it out. If you dont like it you just ship it back to them. I think they even cover the shipping. All you have to do is give them a credit card number so they can bill you if anything happens on your end. From my experience the best people to ask those types of questions to are the professionals in the industry. Not sure where you are from, but if your in the east somwhere try TFO Fly shops or in the west try Leland Fly shops. Any good fly shop will be able to help you out though.

IMO I like the sage TXL-F series for a small stream fly rod. I purchased a 3wt in the 6 foot 10 inch model and love it for roll casing from 15 to 40 feet away from the rod tip.
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