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Default Hardy and Winston Spey Rods?

Hi Guys,

I'm rather new to two-handed casting, and I need to pick up a mid-priced 8-weight. I'm considering the following rods, but couldn't find much information on them:

- Hardy Marksman 2 (S or T, what's the difference?)
- Winston B2x (I realize this doesn't seem "mid-priced" but I know someone who is trying to get rid of one.)
- Winston B2-mx (ditto)
- TFO Deer Creek (lots of info on this, but just wondering how it compares)

As a comparison point, I also have a Sage ONE 4116 switch, which is awesome, and I don't like the Redington Prospector as it has a wobbly tip and I prefer the ONE's "through" flex.

Thanks for the help!
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