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Default Re: 3 wt Rod Recommendation (BVK maybe)?

Originally Posted by newby View Post
I have a 9' 5wt BVK myself. It is a fantastic rod and my go to for nymph indicator rigs, streamers, etc....... It has a lot of backbone, maybe a bit too much backbone for a small stream fly rod, IMO.

If you are looking to mainly nymph and throw streamers, etc..... the BVK is perfect. But if you are after a rod with a really delicate touch for dry flies and anything else you might throw, I would look elsewhere.

I have a TFO finesse- it is also a great rod. Not as fast action but it thows a dry very gently and can also throw streamers and nymphs easily. You might also look at the Redington Classic Trout/Tempt and the Allen ATS if you are after something that can do it all but has delicacy.

Not that the BVK lacks delicacy or wouldn't make a good stream rod. With heavy flies or wind, the BVK is an excellent choice,
I appreciate the advice. Your comments are exactly why I haven't already replaced my 9 foot 5 wt Redinton Red Fly 2 with a BVK 5 wt. Based on the reviews I've read, the BVK 5 wt needs a 5.5 wt line to load the rod with the possible sweet spot being a 6 wt line. This makes it somewhat less practical for dry flies. Yellowstone Angler is about to release their 2013 5 wt shootout. I want to see their comments before I buy another 5 wt rod.

Now with the BVK 3 wt rod that I'm considering (and still open to and hoping to get other suggestions or comments), it has reportedly a somewhat softer action than the rest of the BVK line. The 3 wt rod I asked for recommendations on at the start of this thread will be used for dry flies, nymphs (including high sticking) and perhaps the occasional smaller streamer. I'm assuming any BVK rod will have a bit of a backbone, but in a 3 wt size would allow for a more delicate presentation.

I picked up a Redington Tempt. It just felt too soft to me. I am not familiar with any Allen rods. The TFO Finesse is a rod I hadn't considered. Yellowston Anglers compared the BVK and Finesse and liked the BVK better (in a 5 wt-they did not test any 3 wts). You could have a point though. It could be worth test casting if I can find one locally. Another affordable rod that I've heard good things about is the St Croix Imperial. I haven't been able to test that rod either. Supposedly it's an easy casting fast action rod with a softer tip than the BVK. The St Croix is one of the 5 weights I have on my list to consider when I replace my Red Fly 2. The biggest challenge is finding the rods and shops that will let you test cast the rod. One of the better selections of rods in my area is at Bass Pro. They won't let you test cast anything!

The only other bonus with the BVK 3 wt is the 2 foot extension that bumps the rod up to more of a 4 wt 10 foot rod without forcing me to buy a second full rod/reel setup. I don't know what the action is like on the 10 foot version or if I could fish the same line on both. I would be happy to over line it to a 3.5 or 4 wt line. I wouldn't want the rod to "need" a heavier line than that though. I would loose the delicacy I am looking for by buying a 3 weight rod.
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