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Default Re: Resources for MA?

Originally Posted by 4wt View Post
City dweller here, Houghton Pond seems like the place most people recommend in the area, as the JP pond gets fished out fast (and having seen it, I can't really imagine fly fishing there, I think you'd just catch people on the walking path on your back cast).

Would love to get some more info on creeks around here, I heard a rumor of one with very small trout but can't for the live of me remember where. Even if they're smallies, it would be nice to know where I could get to quickly - I'd just buy a super light weight setup.
I live a couple blocks from Jamaica Pond, and it is indeed tough to fly fish there. I really only manage it early in the morning or right after a summer rainstorm. Too many joggers and such to safely fish it from the shore. I have threatened to wade fish it, but haven't gotten around to it yet. It's supposed to have a lot of dropoffs, so that's been my excuse. You can rent a rowboat, with a valid fishing license, for $5 an hour. That can be a good time--especially if you can talk your significant other into rowing you about the lake!

If you can spey cast and and are willing to wade a bit, Jamaica Pond might be the ticket, at least for warmwater species--I don't think it gets a lot of stocked fish, bit the fish it does get are a decent size.

Right now (spring) there are lots of local brooks that have been stocked all over eastern mass, even as close as Milton. If you Google "massachusetts stocking schedule" you'll find the weekly stocking list.

PM me if you want specifics--I only know a few spots, but I did see trout rising in two separate brooks this weekend.
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