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Default Re: 3 wt Rod Recommendation (BVK maybe)?

Originally Posted by newby View Post
I have also cast a BVK 3wt, to clarify. If you like fast action rods with plenty of oomph then it is for you. It is just a tad softer than the 5wt but it's still a fast action rod.

I also have a 7'6" 4wt St. Croix Imperial. Another great rod. Lots of backbone but it does have a tip that protects tippet well.

As for the yellowstone angler reviews- I don't take them as the bible. George Anderson is much more experienced than me, and a MUCH better caster, but he is just a human. As such he has personal preferences and biases. If your personal preferences go along with his then those reviews are a good resource.

My personal preferences do not match his at all. He often states a dislike of and disappointment in the very rods that would win the shootout if it were based on my preferences.

If you have the money than you could also go high end- Sage, Scott, Winston, etc.......

Allen fly fishing has a deal where they send you one of their rods to cast. You keep it in new condition while you test it and only pay if you like it. If you don't then you can just send it back. Perhaps you could consider doing this with one of their rods.
Thanks for the info!! It's good to hear about the St Croix. I will try to find that rod and test it if I can. I don't mind a fast action 3 wt rod with a "little" backbone, especially if it has a softer tip. I can afford to spend more money, but don't really want to. I'd prefer to save the extra money and put it toward a new 5 wt setup - which I would also like to buy. My Redington Red Fly 2 is okay. It was my first rod. Now, it's just not what I consider to be that perfect 5 wt.

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Originally Posted by yonder View Post
I'm with newby on this one.....I have the 3 weight BVK, a 2 weight finesse, and two redington CT's in 3 and 5 weights. The BVK rarely gets any use on small streams, which I fish the most. IMHO mind you, it is just not a delicate rod. I overline it to a 4 weight to fit my casting style, and save it for some smallmouth bass on the new river, here in N.C., where the afternoon winds, and wide open water makes this rod ideal. This rod is a real "shooter", but I find that quality to be unnecessary in tight quarters. Everyone is different, and I hope you can test cast a few different rods before you make a purchase. Good luck in your search...
I appreciate your input. I hadn't considered that the BVK in a 3 wt could be that stiff.
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