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Default Re: 3 wt Rod Recommendation (BVK maybe)?

this is just my opinion so take it for what its worth. which is probably not much but while the bvk is a fine rod in higher line weights in a 3 weight for small waters and dries like your describing i would want a more moderate action rod that loads more on short casts. in the price range your describing st croix imperial or avid would be my choice. if you wanted to go big then scott g2 or winston. btw im also from maryland and fish savage and gunpowder alot if that is the other central MD stream your refering to. although the size of these streams is small the tailwater trout are very selective and the currents tricky so even in the light weights arod with some lenght helps especially with nymphing. I have a 8ft 4in 3wt g2 that i use primarily for dries ,sulphur spinner fall after work ticos etc and my go to rod is a 9ft 4 wt scott g2.
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