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Default Re: 3 wt Rod Recommendation (BVK maybe)?

Originally Posted by dpreller View Post
this is just my opinion so take it for what its worth. which is probably not much but while the bvk is a fine rod in higher line weights in a 3 weight for small waters and dries like your describing i would want a more moderate action rod that loads more on short casts. in the price range your describing st croix imperial or avid would be my choice. if you wanted to go big then scott g2 or winston. btw im also from maryland and fish savage and gunpowder alot if that is the other central MD stream your refering to. although the size of these streams is small the tailwater trout are very selective and the currents tricky so even in the light weights arod with some lenght helps especially with nymphing. I have a 8ft 4in 3wt g2 that i use primarily for dries ,sulphur spinner fall after work ticos etc and my go to rod is a 9ft 4 wt scott g2.
My initial thought on the BVK was, with the two foot extension, you almost get two rods for the price of one. This served the purpose of a shorter and more delicate pocket water rod and a 10 foot rod for high sticking. It's beginning to sound like the BVK may not be the best rod for the money. I've read good things about the Imperial. Do you think it is soft enough to load on that short cast? I'm not familiar with the Avid, but could look into it.

I take two 4 day trips a year (and may take a third) to Garrett County to fish the Savage, North Branch and Casselman Rivers. Never fished the Yough. Lately, I've been fishing Beaver Creek, Owens Creek and Friends Creek. These three and the Savage would all be better with a lighter rod. The thing is, they mix short casts with delicate presentation and high sticking with nymphs. (Still a bit of a beginner here.) These two suggest two different rods - a shorter 3 weight and a longer 4 wt. I was trying not to buy multiple rods. Maybe now I better understand why so many fly fishermen own so many rods.
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