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Default Re: Textured or not?

Originally Posted by Jackster View Post
The sound textured lines make don't seem to bother fish. If any sound above the water bothered fish Hardy would have been out of business long ago!
I like to think that the sound a Hardy makes when a fish runs is actually a fish call that attracts more fish. Maybe this is true of textured lines too. The sound the lines make doesn't bother me at all. What it does is make use of the sense of sound to help you know what the line is doing. It can be just an additional sensory treat to add to the others that makes fly fishing so great.

If you ever get the chance to cast a real silk line do so. They make noise too but that sound struck more like music to the ears than noise. The sound didn't seem to affect Gramp's fishing judging by the old black and white pictures I see of stringers full of fat trout!
I'm not sure sound above the water is so much my question as something making sound that comes in contact with the water like a fly line does. Would a fly line transmit that noise directly to the water? The Sharkskin line I fished with turned me off immediately. It just seemed that loud. I expect the textured line would not make as much noise. Your point is taken though.

I haven't fished with a Hardy reel. I assume based on your comment that the clicker on Hardy reels is rather loud. Being somewhat more detached, I don't think I would be worried about it either.

I appreciate your response.

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Originally Posted by trout trekker View Post
Textured or not?- Not.

Mending is a function of the lines stiffness, taper and buoyancy - not solely it’s finish - textured or not.
All those voids created by high and low spots, allow matter ( salt - detritus) to collect. In time, you’ll find yourself needing to clean the line more thoroughly to keep it performing well. Many of us went through this with first round of textured lines in the late 80’s and the original problem still exits. They’ve simply identified a new generation of anglers to market an old idea to.
The noise never really bothered me.

"Textured or not - what are your recommendations for an all purpose 5 wt WF F fly line?"

For Trout & Panfish: Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Trout Taper Its capable of a lot more than it's name implies.

Cortland's nearly forty year old 444SL is very good ( if not a bit stiff ) longer bellied WF that mends very well and with very good tracking characteristics. It's better for faster tapered rods and it's continued popularity in some areas seems to be driven largerly by the higher day time temps typical to those areas.

If the distances are short and you're using larger wind resistant flies, something along the lines of Scientific Anglers GPX or Rio's Grand will work nicely.

My completely uneducated guess falls along the same lines as your response. I tend toward the SA Mastery non-textured lines. Given that I really don't have any facts to base a decision on, I decided to let the experts here weigh in on the subject. If the textured lines really are better, I didn't want to overlook something that could make the sport more fun and/or allow me to catch more fish. Keeping your line clean is something I had not previously considered.

This is my first go with a fly fishing forum. I've only recently gotten serious about the sport. My 9 year old son, who I would like to get more involved, and I have even started tying flies together! I really appreciate everyone's willingness to share what they know!!
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