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Hello folks, my name is Justin, and I am a newbie when it comes to flyfishing, a friend of mine left his flyrod at my house and moved away, when I called him and asked if he wanted me to ship the rod, he said no keep it and use it. So, I will do just that, I think! Now, when I say this, trust me I mean it...I know more about the space shuttle then I do about fly fishing, and thats not saying much.

So basically I am gonna be asking alot of questions, and trying to figure this out. I just hope it's not like when I decided to learn how to cast conventional reels, god...that was a disaster...took me about a month, but I got it now, thank god! I am going to Bass Pro Shops in Dania Beach Florida tomorrow afternoon for some lessons, I also spoke to the man who gives the lesson for 2 hours last night in bass pro shops, and some of the stuff he said was absolutely amazing. He also said something that kind of set me back, but **** happens. I told him I would like to try and catch permit on a fly rod, and he said he's been fly fishing for 20 years in saltwater and never caught a permit, that was disappointing, but I will deal with it.

So yeah anyway, I am going to learn how to do this, I am very interested.

Hope to hear from some of you if not all of you soon,
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