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Default Re: 3 wt Rod Recommendation (BVK maybe)?

Originally Posted by dpreller View Post
there are lots of good affordable 9ft 5weights. I can again recommend the st.sroix imperial also the echo3 which is on sale right now at south holsto flyshop.(on line) the bvk is also a nice rod in that weight although likes a little heavier line (gpx or similar) im sure there are others i havent tried that some members will recommend. an 8 ft 4wt is a pretty useful size and weight around here gives enough reach and a little more umph for small nymphs or streamers. as i said i do own and enjoy a three wt but its somewhat of a specialty rod. you may want to consider one after you have a few of the basics covered. the 4 is a lso a blast with big panfish and small bass on poppers. deep creek lake has some stud bluegills and im sure there are local farm ponds around you.
All good advice and much appreciated!! I haven't tried Deep Creek Lake yet. Now maybe, I'll have to. That sounds like some action I could get my son into. Are you fishing from the shore, boat or...? Anything you can offer to shorten the learning curve.

Did you mean South Holsto"n" Fly Shop? If yes, how did you run across this shop? And... Where did you find an Imperial for 179? If you've got a good connection, please share!

Thanks again for all the time helping with my questions.

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Originally Posted by mikel View Post
I think everything said re the BVK at 8' is accurate. It's a little quick for me (a CT 3wt owner) but very crisp and light in hand.

I do like it at 10' very much for nymphing. Fished one for a couple of hours not long ago matched with a little Konic and 4 wt line. Very sweet set up for nymphing...and a roll casting jessie.

If you want something softer for presenting dries, it's probably not for you, as it's not for me...but for the right guy, it's very nice.

As with all rods, the BVK doesn't do well if left on the roof of your truck as you drive down hwy 395. Good news is the warranty works very well...this according to my pal who tested the question.
Great story! I've had some mishaps with rods over the years. Thankfully, I've never done that one before! Good to know about the warranty though.

I really wanted to hear that the BVK 3 wt was the right choice. I know they're great rods and all. It just seems they're not the right match for the kind of fishing I do. If I were looking for a 7 or 8 wt rod, I wouldn't bother asking the question. I'd just buy the BVK. Of course I'm saying this without casting one myself - which I may still do if I can find one locally. I do get everyone's point though.

Thanks for the insight!
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