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Default Re: Textured or not?

Originally Posted by ts47 View Post
I've never replaced a fly line before. I'm considering something in the SA Mastery series. Should I go textured or not? Part of this decision is based on also considering upgrading my rod to the TFO BVK 5 wt with a metal stripping guide.

I fished the Sharkskin line and didn't like all the noise when stripping the line in while streamer fishing. Does the noise transfer from the line to the water? Wouldn't that spook the fish - especially in smaller water??

Is the new textured line better or quieter? I hear it shoots, floats and mends better (but don't know if it is true or not). Is the noise a problem with the textured line? I don't want to reduce my chances of catching fish. Am I over analyzing this or is it something real to consider?

Textured or not - what are your recommendations for an all purpose 5 wt WF F fly line? (This would make a good topic for the FAQ section)

My take on textured lines...

1) I strongly dislike sharkskin lines as they are way too noisy and not so easy on the hands either.

2) Textured lines are much much nicer to use than sharkskin, however, they are roughly half as noisy as sharkskin, I wouldn't worry about spooking fish, it would be more of a matter of personal preference if you mind the noise or not.

3) They are less likely to give you "line burn" than a smooth line is in my experience. If you do a lot of strip setting, this can be an advantage. If anyone says that textured lines are harder on the hands, they haven't fished them much in my opinion, remember, I am talking textured, not sharkskin.

4) I feel textured running lines tangle less than smooth ones, but there isn't a huge difference.

5) The biggest advantage to textured lines in my opinion is simply that they are some of SA's best tapers, in a nut shell I feel that is far and away the reason they are better in some ways than other lines. I personally think this is why they shoot better, etc... I think the tapers are the reason for this, not the dimples in the line. There are some SA smooth lines that shoot just as well as the textured ones do and there are some lines made by other companies that shoot just as well too in my honest opinion.
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