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Default Re: Anyone trending upward in rod weight?

With tons of trout water surrounding me and then the Mississippi River and lakes in the area... I need a lot of different tools for the right job... I own a 3, 4, 5, 6, 7/8, 9, 10/11... All have their own place and time
I think it sounds sage to say something along the lines of the "tool for every job" thing but I don't actually believe it. Honestly, an average
moderate action 5-weight fly rod will protect the lightest tippet you might want to use making anything smaller not so much a "tool" as just as "personal preference" -- and don't get me wrong, I own a great little 3-weight. I enjoy it occasionally, but I honestly wouldn't consider it a tool for any particular job -- it's just a toy to me. And there's nothing wrong with that. It's fun, but its "utility" is basically just a subsection of what my 5-weight already does.

And then for my waters and targets, an 8-weight does just about everything I need...minus brook trout. And honestly, brookies aren't line shy so far in my experience on the Dry River and the Rapidan, and if I really wanted to be a moron I could probably use the 8-weight for it. I know, driving nails with a sledge. That's how I got to thinking about it -- that's all.

And no, I don't really know anything and I haven't been fly fishing my whole life. I'm often wrong and shouldn't be taken seriously, my wife learned that a long time ago. I should also probably mention that I always fish 2 softhackles on a swing when I fish a new trout stream -- nymphing only comes if I don't get hits on the wets . Is this old and crotchety?

Good opinions -- thank you for the input!

Obviously the trend is toward lighter line weights, probably because the technology for rods/lines is so much better now -- I get it. I was just curious whether anyone either didn't jump on board with lighter rods, and/or outright rejects them . It sounds like a few folks have taken the former route. Luddites!

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