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When I first started fishing at.... I guess 14 (later starter!) I remember doing the same thing because knot tying took me so long.

Don't use those swivels unless you have an obvious medical need for it. Just get a spool of $2 monofilament and sit on the couch and practice knots while watching youtube . It works wonders. I (and most other regular fishermen) can tie probably at least 3-4 knots in literally seconds and you won't have to rely on a crutch.

Go for it! I remember when I learned how to tie the uniknot consistently and quickly I was SO much happier with my fishing. I still use the uniknot for fly fishing about 90% of the time. The only time I've broken it is when I'm trying to break it....usually from snagging rocks on the river bottom. Tying strong knots quickly adds a tremendous amount of pleasure and self-sufficiency to the hobby.
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