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Default Re: Cattaraugus Creek NY


big nasty would be some leaches or tube style, spey style flies. size 6 or 8 works. Ill throw some size 2 and 4 when trying to target aggressive fish. the one thing i see with fishing the catt and NY is theres no second hook allowed. which means no dropper fly. so if i was dead drifting i would usually throw a heavier nymph pattern or woolly on top and a spawn sack dropper. although the REZ portion of the catt has no law against fishing two hooks as far as I'm aware.

i was just reading somewhere that its not odd to be fishing the catt well into may. i would think that my local steelhead season here in ohio will be mostly done by that time of year so it gives me hope that there will be an opportunity to make it to the catt when the flows come down in may.
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