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Default Re: South Texas Rig?

Originally Posted by MoscaPescador View Post
I looked at the link. It shows an 8'6" 4 weight and a 9' 8 weight.

If you are going to relearn the sport, you should be using a rig that you plan to use for your intended target species. With bass you could be using as light as a four weight (smaller pond fish) and as heavy as a nine weight (beefy sticks to pull big bass out of the snags).

An eight weight may not be a bad call. You could use it for bass in the lakes, ponds, rivers. If you decide to play on the gulf coast, you could use it for sea trout or redfish.

It may be heavy for panfish, but I have a feeling that you will eventually build a rod quiver.

If you are looking for options on rod/reel outfits, check out the Redington Pursuit Outfits. You can get a decent quality rig for under $200.

Thanks for the input. I was actually considering Pursuit (9' 6 weight 4piece for 170$) or the Cabela's one. I will go tomorrow to the Cabela's store to see if they have around a 6-7 weight cause I'm not quite spent on the 8 weight; I feel it may be too much for the fish size I will be catching.

Which Pursuit is better for the target species I will be going for medium size bass and sometime trout? 5-7?
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