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Default Re: Good start for 2013


Just saw this post and glad to see that things are off to a good start for you. A flunked stress test is "Stressful" in of itself. The Angiogram tells the Doctor and you what you need to do. I'm sure the motivation to follow the recommendations of your Doctor will not be hard to come by.

I celebrated my 66th birthday on the 25th of March with an MI at 7 am and ended up going to the hospital and by 9:30 am left the O. R. with 3 new stents that were placed together like 3 piece fly rod. I was in on Monday and home Wednesday afternoon. Doing fine and fishing has been just starting around here and should bust wide open soon and I am ready to go.

This time around since it is my 3 rd time to the dance I intend to be a lot more diligent about my excercise and most especially my diet.

Good fishing to you.
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