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Originally Posted by axle27 View Post
I've spoken to the guy who built it and he said that he always overlines this particular manufacturer's blank by 1 wt. Although I'm not a mechanical engineer, I would think that the action of the rod has some say on this as the stiffer "faster" actions will be slowed by the extra weight. Also, most rods that chuck larger streamers usually are faster action BECAUSE the larger, non-aerodynamic streamers slow it down...and for distance.

I really don't consider a rod like a 7wt to be used in anything less than 20 ft. I'm looking in the 40 -60 ft range. Not much more than that is my limit in my casting ability...until you put the 10wt in my hands, then I'm good to about 85-90ft. I really do need to practice more, though.
"Faster" technically should mean the recovery speed of the graphite used in the blank...

You can have a fast rod that flexes deeper...

The best way to describe flex is full, mid or tip...

Tip action rods are typically harder for novice casters to feel them load thus many over-line them, but then you are over-loading the tip and it effects accuracy...

The term "fast" is used more as a marketing term nowadays than the way it really should be, everyone wants faster, stronger, etc...

My no BS opinion, cast some different lines on the rod on the water and make up your own mind as everyone is going to be different. I have owned and cast a LOT of different 7 weights in my life, never once have I felt like over-lining was necessary BUT if your rod builder suggests over-lining it, I bet he has an 8 weight line you can test cast on it...

Have you even tried the 7 weight line you own on the rod???
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