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Default One more try

Well, next weekend I'm going out to give catching gills on a fly one last college try. I've only ever had marginal luck at best when going after gills, so wish me luck. I'm going to start off subsurface with some size 12 yellow soft hackles I tied just for gill. If that doesn't work, I'll go to some damsel nymphs I'm tying up tonight. As a last resort, I've got some peacock dragonfly nymphs i'll try. I'm taking some poppers, but with the cold snap here in central KY, I'm going to wait till I get to the lake to see if the water temperature has warmed up (and if I see any surface activity.) If anyone can offer me any advice, I could surrrrre use it. It's weird to me that I can do a fair job catching trout, but by thunder bluegills are kicking my but when it comes to fly fishing.
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