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Default Re: What Makes a Great Fly-Shop?

interseting thread...since I have worked in several shops over the years I had to really think what made some nicer or more appealing than others...being near some good water is key...and having guides and lessons available is also very important.

1. do not allow the snob spirit to enter...anyone that has gone into a high end shop knows what I mean...every customer is important...

2. always make sure there is someone at the cash wrap keeping an eye on new visitors...greet them, and let them know you are available to answer any questions. then let them browse.

3.make their success at whatever level of pocket book they have your #1 cant go wrong..

4. have three lines...the high end...Simms , Sage, Winston etc...TFO or similar and a blend of the two. also caps and t's are always great for visitors...something to take home and remember the trip....

5. anglers are gadget a holics...make sure you have all the cool little items...dr slick, fish pond know what I mean.

my personal favorite thing to do was to try and make folks feel at home...asking them to bring in their fly box to see what flies they had was always a good need to but something they dont them figure out what they had that was a good idea...and show them your favorite patterns, and why...and guide them into some flies that could be the trick...

I can tell a lot about an angler by seeing their fly box...

offer to help newcomers set up knots or basic set ups...people love to be treated like friends rather than dollar signs.

the people you have working in the shop are the real arrogant jerk, no matter how much they know can destroy a shops rep...

good gear sells itself...the best shops I worked in took real pride in the way their goods were displayed...neat...prices visible...

if there is one thing, it has to be a genuine friendly spirit...that shares knowledge joyfully...

I always would tie flies out in the open for inventory, but also to show folks patterns etc...letting them know they could do it too...and always have the materials needed to make whatever you were tying...a clinic one night a week was always a it did not intefere w/ normal shop business too much.

hope this helps...t

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