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Arrow Washington! Take me fishing PLEASE?

Hello my NW brothers.

I am in Seattle on this Sun and Mon,
Is there any one awesome enough to take me fishing?
Not looking to pay $1000 but would cover the expenses. Trout? SteelHead? Salmon? Whatever you can catch lets go!

In return I will agree to take you fishing in my neck of the woods any time you are close. Florida = snook, reds, trout, etc.
I've got a flats skiff and can put us on some nice fish, promise.

Let me know, soon, please, I am with family and need to plan. Just PM me with questions or details.

It does not look like there are too many on this forum from up there but I'm hopeing someone gets this and helps a brother out.
"Snook are like females, you can throw your lure at them all day and they won't bite!" Graham