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Default What weight reel for a Sage One 10' 4 wt?

Question: I've decided to buy a Sage One 4100 (10' 4wt), and I am wondering what reel weight (in ounces) will best balance the rod. I've considered a few different reels (line size 4) from various manufacturers (Sage, Lamson, Hardy, etc.), and have noticed that the weight of the reel can vary by an ounce or more (e.g., from 3 3/4 oz to 4 7/8 oz). I will use the rod primarily for throwing nymph rigs. How would the reel weight affect "fishability" in terms of 5 or 6 hours of fishing nymphs on big water (repeated casting and mending)? What are the pros and cons of a lighter weight reel verus a heavier weight reel with a 10' 4 wt rod that weighs 3 oz.?
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