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Default Re: What Makes a Great Fly-Shop?

I have had some good and bad experiences with fly shops...

I am not gonna mention names regarding the bad ones, but a few that have been great to me and I do business with regularly are "in random order"

1) Caster's Fly Shop "He always has a great inventory of fly tying materials that don't have to be special ordered."

2) Great Lakes Fly Company "LOVE their Dahlberg Divers"

3) Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters "There website is clear what they do and don't have in stock, I like that."

4) Bob Clouser's Fly Shop "I buy all my Clouser Minnows there, good price and good quality, can't tie them much cheaper and I use a lot of them so just easier to buy them."

5) Tight Lines Fly Shop in Wisconsin (Smallmouth Fly Shop) "They have all kinds of stuff in stock that you don't see anywhere else and I love smallies so..."

To me, it's all about service and communication, some shops suck at that...

One thing I cannot stand is a few times I bought NEW fly rods or reels from authorized dealers and they didn't have them in stock as advertised, only to be told a couple days later it would be a few weeks before they could get me their product as they are on backorder...

I don't have a "local" fly shop so mail order is all I have, these shops listed above do that well...

I wish I did have a local fly shop to hang out in, shoot the bull, tie flies and whatnot at, I would be broke all the time, but it sure would be nice to have it handy...
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