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Default Winston Boron II MX 5/6 wt 9ft

Hello to everyone,
I'm up to order Winston's fly rod but i can't decide which class should fit my needs better.
I'm looking for a rod for throwing big hoopers/bugs, also some mid-sized streamers as well as medium sized dry flies.
Mostly i will use this rod for big chub fishing, but trouts and graylings are also welcomed
Can't understand what is the limmit for Boron II MX 5 wt 9ft...
I guess the 6wt would be better for me, but maybe 5wt is enough?
I cant try this rod in the shop, because they are impossible to wound in our contry, thats why i'm asking your advise.
And what floating line would be better for 6wt rod?
I heared that some use for 6wt rod 7wt line, exactly in Winstons case, is it so?
Thank you
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