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Default Re: Winston Boron II MX 5/6 wt 9ft

Originally Posted by MoscaPescador View Post
One usually does not see grain weight charts for single handed rods as one would see for Spey rods. However I used to keep notes on a rod's performance from either parking lot casting or fishing, so I could write up a description for the shop's website (rather than cutting and pasting what a manufacturer had to say).

Here is something from my notes for a 9' 6 weight B2Mx:

The new Rio Grand should be fine even though it is +1 over. A B2Mx can handle line mass as heavy as 225 grains. It will not hurt having extra line mass to help throw those big bugs.

Thanks a lot i think this info will definitely help me
But the last point:
RIO Smallmouth Bass has the longer head 64ft 200 grains
While RIO GRAND's head is only 39ft but a bit heavier 230 grains.
What to choose the longer head 200 grans or shorter head but more heavy?
Or maybe I should take both ...
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