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Default Re: Which New Wading Boot?

I am pretty disappointed, with $500 tied up in 2 pair of Korkers boots I regret to say that we have had some issues. I had to exchange mine about a month ago, maybe a little more do to a hole that just appeared in the top of the toe area. It looked almost like the material just tore open a little bit. I exchanged them and haven't had an issue again so far, but Liz's boots, which aren't very old keep having issues with the interchangeable soles staying in place. The other morning, at 3am I had to search around in the cold saltwater mud flat for one that fell off. The previous outing, it fell off 3 times. I have been hearing about the cheaper pairs of the boots having the peg on the back of the boot that holds the soles in place falling off after not much use at all, one report was from a close friend of mine that barely ever gets a chance to get out and fish, so I know there wasn't much use on the boots when it happened. I have seen others with the whole sole, midsole and all that completely fell off the boot. That was my concern when I bought mine, that the soles are only glued on. Still waiting to hear back from customer service so we will see what happens. It makes me sick that I will be lucky for them to last me a full season and after that I will be on my own once they are out of warranty. A $225 boot needs to last more than a year, I can't afford almost $500 a year on boots...
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