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Default Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, or Basalt Colorado?

This July my father and I will be heading to the roaring fork valley for the first time and would like to know if it would be better to stay in Basalt, Carbondale, or Glenwood Springs.

We will only be wade fishing so it seems like, at least from my reading, that most of that kind of fishing will be up closer to Basalt and Carbondale. But, having never been to the area before, we are not sure which place would be a better base camp.

We plan on spending a week in the area and intend on hitting as many rivers as we can.

Any suggestions on which place would be better would be much appreciated.

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One more thing, we will be staying in a hotel - not camping.

UPDATE: Thought I would give an update to my trip in July. I took the recommendations and stayed at the Aspenalt Lodge in Basalt. So glad that I did. It is right in the heart of the action. Located on the Frying Pan and walking distance to the Roaring Fork, it is a perfect base camp. Also, in the parking lot are two different fly shops, a grocery store, and a great restaurant next door. It really doesn't get any more convenient than that.

We spent a week there and had great fishing every day. Our second day we hired a guide from Taylor Creek Fly shop, which was great. Our guide (Cameron) was awesome and put us on a lot of fish, and a couple real nice ones. I'd highly recommend him. The rest of trip was just as good. We spent three days on the Pan, three on the Fork, and one on the Crystal. I loved each river and caught big fish on each one, but the Pan can get a little crowded. Even though I only had one day on the Crystal, I really liked it. The river is very beautiful and has way less fishing least the day I was there. We fished it above Redstone and only saw one other fisherman the entire day. Additionally, the Crystal was very wader friendly. The current was not too strong, there wasn't any moss to slip on, and there was less sticks and stuff in the water to get snagged on. Not sure why it is not as popular as the other two rivers. It could be that there aren't as many fish, but we caught plenty and the scenery was stunning.

Overall, Basalt is a fishing paradise in a prime location. I'd definitely go back in a heart beat as I didn't even scratch surface there.

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