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Default What happened to the Arkansas between Canon City and Salida

I have been on the Arkansas during the Caddis Hatch since 1999 and to say this year is different would be an understatement.

The cased Caddis that creates the prolific hatches this river is known for is absent. I mean I turned over rock after rock and drug branch after branch out of the water in an attempt to find the cases and zero, none, nothing. I have never seen anything like it, there are some rock cases but no tube cases that were so frequent in the past that every snag usually brought up multiple cases from the branch or rock you were hung up on.

Please confirm or explain. I am sure there are a couple of you that have seen or understand this type of phenomenon.

What really irritates me is how a local fly shop is talking about the prolific hatches taken place and after multiple trips up the canyon and through Canon City the hatches that once covered every branch of every tree along the banks of the river is simply not taking place. More concerning is the lack of cases in the water.
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