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Default Re: What Makes a Great Fly-Shop?

There is only one fly shop in my region. It looks like the owner is barely able to stay above water. I rarely see any new stuff. Has very few Chinese hackles at all. He does have some 80 dollar hackle necks but I can't afford them and would never be able to use all of those hackles in a lifetime. He doesn't want to make half necks with the hackle necks he already owns even though they seem to be on display for over 2 or 3 years.

A long time ago, I asked if he stocked some Danville's monocord. He just said "no" and I let it go at that. The other day, I noticed that he was tying with Danville's monocord but did not have any for sale. He decided to order some and the following week he had a few spools of white monocord. I asked if he had any brown or olive monocord but he said that white was the best one to use because it blended well into any colour of material. I ordered 6 spools on-line and saved over 2 dollars per spool.

The owner just loves tube flies. I have no desire to go in that direction but he is well stocked for those who like tube flies.

The owner just loves CDC. He says that it floats well. I ask myself....why does he use it as wing material? Wings do not touch the water so how do they aid in flotation? You either use hackles to support the fly off the water or you use body materials to make your fly float. CDC is BS.

This fly shop has a lot of Mustad hooks but I prefer higher quality hooks. They also do not have metal's mylar or nothing. He hasn't had mottled turkey quills in over 2 years.

I prefer buying stuff that I can inspect before buying but I have to buy on-lne and trust the seller.
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