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Default Re: Gartside's Soft Hackle Streamer ???

I hear you Rip, but honestly a clouser that sinks with too much weight at the tip is a jig right?....though I wouldn't say it's an "incorrect" clouser since the jigging might catch fish for people who fish it that way.

Most flies are *******ized versions of other flies anyway -- I think it's okay to call them whatever they most closely resemble.

My most productive "woolly bugger" is really just a marabou tail, ice dub/olive dub blended body, several rubber legs, and a tung head. No hackle whatsoever because I feel that hackle, even when reinforced with wire, isn't durable and isn't worth the effort when rubber legs seem to work a hell of a lot better IME (better action for less tying effort).

Is it a woolly bugger? Who knows -- I don't care. I call it that because it looks more like that than anything else.

And if I called it "Turbine's woolly bugger" some smart*** would probably say "hey, that's really just a woolly bugger with rubber legs" .

Six of one, half a dozen of the other.
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