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Default St. Croix Premier

Hey everyone! I don't post a lot on here, mainly just like to read and research, but I had a question because there's not a lot of info on the rod I picked up the other day.

I'm still very new to fly fishing and still in the process of acquiring my gear. The other day at a garage sale I stumbled upon a practically BRAND NEW St. Croix Premier 5wt 2pc with matching St. Croix CLA 456 reel. I really didn't need a new rod since my BassPro starter set works just fine but for $40 it seemed silly to pass up, and I figured if I didn't like it I could sell it and come out even since its a name brand setup.

I haven't been able to try it out yet, but will hopefully get out soon. I've found a lot of info on St. Croix Premier spinning rods since they're so popular, but information on the Premier fly rod setup is scarce. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone has owned this rod or reel before and what your impressions were? Did I get a good deal? Will I be able to learn and grow with this rod? I know you're supposed to buy to fit your cast but for the past year all I've done is stare at nicer rods in all my catalogs and drool lol.

Also, last month I had a gift card to Cabelas and bought a better fly line, because last year the $25 line, backing, and leader was all I was able to afford... And of course I can't find much info on my fly line. I only paid $25 (orig. $69) for the discontinued Cortland Precision Trout Platinum Dyna-tip WF5F, so I think I did ok. I'm sure anything is better than the beginner cheap line I had. Again, just wondering your guys' thoughts about the line and the pairing with the Premier setup.

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