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Default "meet the hendriksons" video tie...

after spending some time watching the video from "Tightline Productions" on Vimeo, that was posted on the Entomology area on the forum...I tried to duplicate a few nymphs like those shown there in detail.

I learned a lot about some behavior of those bugs I never was aware of. Especially the arched back movements it made in an attempt to go up to the I tried to include that a bit in this pattern...also the movement of the gills on the abdomen...

I added a few flank barbs for that...the tail section was a bit of a challenge, but after a few tries it started to get a bit easier...this same pattern in the tail section and thorax minus the wing case is also going to be the base for my next May Fly pattern too...

once the half hitches for the segnmenting got going they become a lot easier...and really add some realism to the tie...I actually twisted my regal with the tail facing me and it got a lot easier to make the knots in the half hitches...I used a waxed dyed mallard flank for the base of the tail section...its natural arch was a good base for the elk fur added on to it...I scratched it up a bit , to give it a slightly "furry look" similar to what the rel bugs have...

I need to find some bettrer dubbing for the thorax the same color as the flank webbing...but for now it worked OK..

Click the image to open in full size.

size 14( or maybe 16?) straight shank hook...
elk fur, mallard flank dyed amber for tail...
pheaseant tail for wing case...
some webbing for thorax dubbing...
a few flank barbs to simulate gill area...(when wet and moving)

once I get this down more I want to use in for my POTM in May...and do an SBS for it..

all the best...ted

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