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Default Re: Rod wrapping devices ???

Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
Holy cow! You are a lot more neat and organized than I am. Like it was said before, if it works, it's perfect. It doesn't need to be really pretty. If you made it out of Amboyna Burl slabs with beautifully routered edges and a finish like furniture, it wouldn't make any better rods. Have fun with it, can't wait to see what you produce on it.
HA! NEAT! HA!HA! I needed to make space. That and if I don't put things where I can see/find them, they get lost in the mess. I agree. It's a device to make a useful tool. The kid who almost failed wood shop could probably made a prettier one, but I have no interest in building rod wrappers - just an effecient means to an end.

(I haven't revamped this low end, 8'6" IM6 yet and I am already looking at blanks.)
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