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Default Re: Economical Premium Reel Advice

Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
The guys have already offered many reel choices and I won't confuse the issue with more but...........

I'll bet when you fell outta the boat the guide about had a heart attack. It musta been exciting for both of you! Did you take a picture of the fish?

Waiting for the pics from the guide (he's a professional photographer too so he took the pics).
My guides exact words were "Oh man you lost your cigar" Thankfully it was cold, windy and raining so a little water down the waders wasn't too bad
The advice here was stellar,
I think I may hit the lamson guru that's on sale, but they skip from a 4wt model to a 6wt model, this may be a stupid question but which do i get
for a 5wt.
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