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Default Re: Favorite bass fly

If I could only fish one fly for bass, it would be an Arizona Simiseal Leech. I have used this pattern from early spring through late fall with great success. That being said, my favorite way to catch bass is fishing top water deerhair poppers and divers. Unfortunately, there is a fairly narrow window here in the PNW where the water temperatures are right for that type of fishing.

I also like to fish a Polar Fibre Clouser Minnow for all types of fish. In the early season, I will fish this pattern deep using a type VI sinking line. Once the fly is at the desired depth, I usually fish it using a jerk, jerk, strip retreive. The bass usually strike the fly right after the strip. Once the waters warm up and the bass move towards the shallows, I will use a floating line.

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