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Default Re: Economical Premium Reel Advice

Originally Posted by dean_mt View Post
I'm waiting for Sweet&Salt to show up here and lay waste to all you Lamson Konic fans! (He has a big issue with the width of the spool, if you haven't heard).

FWIW I do not own one, but am looking at the Hardy line-up of Ultralites. Just beautiful lines on a contemporary style reel. From the Click Check starting at $169 to the DD at $225, to me you can't get much better. And if you're interested in the idea of one reel and multiple spools, which is an excellent plan I think, you'd have to consider the Ultralite CLS which uses cassettes rather than spools. The reel starts at $260 but the cassettes are $13! One new spool for any of the other less expensive reels and you've already done over the CLS and a couple spare cassettes.

I'm not sure if these reels are still made in England or not. It's hard to believe they are for the prices. Either way, they are still highly reviewed.

I bought a used Ross CLA from someone here on the forum, but I just can't stand the color, so I'll probably sell it and get a new reel for my new 5wt. These Hardy's will be hard to pass up!
I have a DD4000. IMO it is a wonderful reel. Absolutely Stunning. I found a shop owner in WY to sell it to me for $200 with rio gold spooled with super sexy hot pink backing.

I bought the reel based on the opinions of S&S and a few others. Dont be afraid to search out a deal. They are out there. Best luck!
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