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Talking Re: 2013 5-Weight Shootout

First, I'd like to take the time to commend George on his test. He really does a great job of breaking down the rods available in the market.

Second, the deeper I get into the sport of fly fishing, the less I care about the 9' 5wt, as I'd rather carry two rods that are more specialized.

Now for the criticism:

1. Categories aren't consistent year after year - no "nymphing" category, swing weight now worth 20 pts, etc.
2. Are the categories out of 20 pts? What's the deal with more than 20 for some rods...
3. More on swing weight - as a golfer, one swing weight change is the weight of a dollar bill on the end of your club. If you want a lighter swing weight, you can easily adjust this by taping lead to the back of your reel, etc.

This obviously takes his buddy Tom Morgan out of the spotlight (not that it was for most people anyway).

I'm looking forward to casting the new Loomis and seeing how it compares to my Zenith :-)

Also, it looks like was hacked earlier today - haha.
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