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Default Special Consideration? Rig For Wife?

Mother's Day is coming up. Last weekend, I wore my "Father's Day" boots and waders. My wife has already bought a new purse for "Mother's Day." I'm thinking about surprising her with another gift... a fly rig.

Are there any considerations I need to think of for her rig? I have a 9' 5wt. The rod is a St Croix Imperian from Dick's with a Lamson Konic reel. I'm still in my first twelve months of fly fishing so the rod is good enough for now. I LOVE THE REEL.

We go fishing at least 30 times a year, and she and my son will baitcast lures while I'm on a fly. My wife has started tying some of my flies on her rod. I don't think she's had luck with one yet. My 9yo son caught a 15 1/2" rainbow on the Arkansas in Colorado casting a lure downstream last weekend... hahaha...

Anyway, I was thinking about getting the wife a short 4wt rig. With the average woman being shorter than the average man and having less arm strength, is shorter better? longer? Higher weight rod? Lower? She has only been fly fishing once. We caught the salmon fly hatch drifting the Madison last summer. She loved it and was very successful.

FYI - We fish Colorado alpine lakes and the major rivers. The fish in the lakes are aggressive risers and we don't generally need to cast much distance. The Arkansas is a different animal, of course.
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