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Default Sink Tip? 15'? 24'? Sink Line?

I know this has been asked in one way or another many times in the past on every forum out there, but I don't have a clear answer yet so bear with me please.

I just ordered two more spools for a Lamson Konic 5/6wt reel to match the two I already had, so I could have as many as four setups if I wanted to spend the money on the line. Right now, I have a full float line and an empty reel. My family does a lot of alpine lake fishing from shore. I don't have a float tube, but I'll end up with one or a pontoon by the end of this year. So, I'd like to get into fishing with at least a partially submerged line. I also want to get more serious about streamers this fall.

I'm totally confused about what I should get and whether I should end up with multiple setups. Our alpine lakes usually have rocky bottoms. The one we usually go to is more than 400 ft deep in the middle of it with tagged fish and large pike deep. If I get a full sink line, will I ruin it on the rocks? Is there a point at which it stops sinking? For deep lakes, do I want a slow sink? Now, for streamer fishing in Colorado rivers, I want a faster sink (4 ips) right? I also want to fish from the shore submerged, so I probably want a 15" sinktip for that, right? Can my streamer setup be used for 6' deep shore fishing?

I hope all this is clear. There's several things I want to do with my next line purchase. I just don't know if I'm actually looking at 2-3 setups, or just one more.
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