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Default Re: Special Consideration? Rig For Wife?

Originally Posted by mbchilton View Post
My wife goes fishing with me, but doesn't have much interest in actually fishing. She'll sunbathe and read a magazine. Perfectly fine with me. I don't want her to be better than me!
LOL. Mine will start cleaning the fish before I get the fly out of its mouth.

I just got back from Bass Pro and they told me that a 4wt would actually be harder to learn on. I'll probably grab her a 5wt. I'd rather surprise her with a rig that we can return/exchange if she wants something different than just taking her to pick something out. Maybe I should just figure out if our favorite alpine lake is ice out or not and just take her up for a day of fishing on Mother's Day and maybe hit up dinner on the way back into town.

Thanks guys for all the suggestion. You're all spot on.
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