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Default Re: Let's Talk About Knives.....................

Love knives, love this thread.

I've got lots of knives, and can't stop buying more. For fileting fish (the rare times I keep any to eat) I have a 6" Grohmann filet knife. I also have an Opinel folding filet knife that my wife got me for Christmas which is a nice knife but which I don't use as much as the Grohmann. I've got a Grohmann DH Russell #1 belt knife that I use for hunting, camping, and just general wearing around in the bush. Grohmann is a Canadian knife company in Nova Scotia that makes great knives, both for the outdoors and the kitchen.

I've also got a bunch of Swiss Army Knives--a German Army model (the lockblade, which is basically the same as the Swiss Army model except it has a green plastic handle with the German Army crest on it--got it cheap in an army surplus store), a Swiss Army Classic, a Swiss Army Explorer (first "real" knife I ever got, a gift from my aunt for my 13th birthday), and a Wenger model whose name I forget that I carry around in my manbag that I got on sale for $10 when a local drug store stopped carrying them. I also carry around in my pocket a little Buck lockblade that I picked up cheap when a local hardware store went out of business--it has a 2" blade and grey plastic handle and is a great little knife, very handy for everyday "knifey" tasks.

I guess one of the reasons I've got so many knives is that I've lost so many over the years, especially Swiss Army knives. If this thread is still going a year from now I'll guarantee you that some of these will be lying at the bottom of a river or under a bush somewhere and I'll be cursing my lousy luck.

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