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Default Re: Upper Rogue River here in Southern Oregon.

Originally Posted by fredaevans View Post
Winter Steelhead took their sweet time to show up. As of the end of March we had 5326 through the (one and only on the entire river system) 'counter.' Sounded like this was going to be a 'down in the dumps' year for fish returns.

A week and a half of strong storms through the area dumping tons of rain/snow and Good Lord! Did 'they' get with the program!!

In just a tad over 30 days the 'fish count' went from 5300 to OVER 14,000

Pisser is I'm moving from Ashland about 25 miles to the NE to White City and I'm up to my butt in packing boxes. Zero time to spend on the river.

Is that the 'pits,' or what?
Ha just found this thread! I we we had those returns this year I have been able to hit fish all year though.
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