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Default Re: St. Louis Streams

Originally Posted by stl_geoff View Post
Its a super hard,technnical creek with a bunch of super spooky fish in it. You need a short light rod with long leaders, there will be several spots where casting across parts of gravel bars to get the fly into water are required. I have had good luck with beadhead pheasant tails and elk hair caddis there. Depending on when and how long you're going to be in town, there might be better options to catch fish. i have fished it 4 times now and only caught 2 fish out of it.
Ooof. Thanks for the heads up. Sounds like some of our streams here in Arizona. Maybe not the best option since my dad hasn't wet a line in a few years, maybe a decade. I'll be in town in a two weeks, but we will only have a half day to dedicate to chasing trout. Probably Thursday the 16th. Maramec Springs? Obviously I've never been, but I worry about crowds. I'm not much for combat fishing.

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