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Default Re: 5-Weight Revamp

I think I am cheating on my trim wraps. How bad is this?

Have been getting the thread locked onto the rod and turning on a total of five turns.

Still have the tag of the primary color laying against the blank.

I have been laying the trim wrap thread against the rod, and turning the primary thread over it a few times and then pulling the trim wrap thread and slipping the tag in under the primary thread wraps (i.e. not cutting the trim wrap thread tag end, just tugging it under the existing wraps.)

From there I get 9 wraps of the primary thread onto the rod, over the tag of teh primary thread and over the trim wrap thread. At this point I and trimming off the tag of the primary thread and then wrapping on one more turn.

Now I pick up the trim thread and wrap inside the primary thread, carrying the primary thread under the trim thread for 5 turns. Then lay the trim thread against the rod again and continue on with the primary thread, carrying the trim thread under the primary thread tight against the rod.

Have been continuing one this way until it is time for the second trim band.

With the second trim band I repeat the process for the first trim band.

One the trim band has been wrapped inside the primary thread I have been laying it against the blank and laying in a loop of mono.

Have been running 8 turns of the primary thread over it, then trimming of the tag of the trim thread. Then doing two more turns of the primary thread.

Then I have been pinching the thread tight, clipping it and slipping the new tag threw the mono loop and pulling it back under the wraps and trimming off wher it emerges back outside the wraps.

This way I only have to lock one thread off on the rod and have only one tag to trim tight to the warps.

Is this a bad thing or is it a good way to do it?

Not so sure the description is clear. I can do photos if necessary.

Basically, it seems easier, so I am assuming it may not be the best approach.

Any suggestions?

Oh, another silly question. I can use an index card and a popcycle stick to mix up the wrap epoxy, right?

Thanks much.
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