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Default Re: Casting into the wind

Some excellent info here.... I've had the importance of handling wind hammered home many times. Some very challenging ,bordering on frustrating , like watching stripers bust bait 80 feet out with an on shore wind howling in your face. Since the water is usually disturbed by the wind, I'll up the tippet size, along with the shortened leader. I'll also pick a fly that has some weight and little wind resistance like a sparse Clouser or a beadhead nymph. Or a hard bodied popper, rather than a foam one. If the wind is quartering at all, I'll try to use it to my advantage to loft the backcast. Although I have practiced, practiced, practiced and utilized presenting on the backcast to defeat an " into the casting shoulder" wind, I've never used it for a headwind. I tend to use sidearm casts quite a bit, so both legs of the cast are down below the wind as much as possible for me, with as much speed as I can generate with my double haul. Fast rods are an advantage in this scenario. The faster the rod loads fully the better. I let some line slip through my fingers on the backcast to add even more weight to load the rod. It's a great way to eliminate a false cast. I'll also use waterloading- letting the tension of the water on the line- load the rod , rather than working some out with another false cast. Pare down the number of false casts. Wind will do bad, bad things, if given the chance.
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