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Default My new Scadden Renegade

Got my new Renegade this week. Looks like a good boat, but I do have few issues - was hoping

1. I inflated the boat and it seemed to hold pressure well during the day. Couldn't hear any leaks. However, I left it inflated over night and noticed it had lost pressure by morning in both pontoons. Is this natural or do I have a problem??

2. I ordered the lightspeed oars and fins, but when my boat arrived, there was a slip of paper that notified me they are on back order. Would have been nice if NFO would have mentioned that during my purchase and follow up calls.

3. The male piece of the buckles are missing for the seat. Kind of a bummer - I'll have to call on those.

I'm sure I'll be happy with the boat over the long term. It looks great in blue.
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