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Default Re: Damn! That was a humbling experience.

Originally Posted by pete a View Post
Been there for sure. We did a trip with my sons over spring break for Redfish with Greg Dini & Miles LaRose out of Hopedale, LA.

I spend months prior stretching out my distance cast, doubling hauling, really chunking it. I had my 80'+ "A" game ready.

Then here I am on the casting platform needing quick accurate casts with big bulky flies to points on the clock with wind at differing angles. Most of the casts were 20-50' but accuracy being key. My eyes are good but guide is like a hawk. I'm still trying to find the fish when he's telling me to cast. Very humbling, lots of blown casts. I missed many opportunities, however there were beau coup opportunities.

We're use to throwing 8-9wt stuff but we typically blind cast while wading. However spot casting from a deck is completely different.

Now the boys & I play a game not unlike the old basketball game "horse" where we each get to call the shot. However you always start with the fly in your off hand, 2 rod lengths of line (this include leader length) out, under 45' no false cast, over only one false cast. It has really improved our accuracy and coordination. The whole deal of holding fly, casting, clearing line, etc. is a "learned" task. Gotta practice it or do lots and lots of guided trips.

It's all good.

Pete A.
I had been practicing with the H2, but not the correct kind of practice. I would go out in the wind, throw some loops, stretch the distance, ect., BUT I was not prepared for what happened. Standing on the deck, trying to keep my balance and casting to specific spots is a lot harder than the videos make it look. I like to think I have relatively good balance, but something about standing on a 2' X 2' platform with a stripping bucket looking for fish while the guide and current/waves are moving the boat in all directions is a completely new concept for me.

It seemed that most of my concentration was being used to keep me out of the water and not hooking myself/others while trying to cast. This may have been a big reason that I was basically "puking" on myself when trying to cast. I've fished out of rafts before, and that was no problem, but for some reason, the skiff with the guide high and to the rear made me uneasy. I guess in the raft it was easy to cast over everyone in the boat, and this wasn't going to happen on the skiff.

I like your idea of "horse," but I would be playing by myself.
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