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Default Northern NH

Well being my first post here I'll give a quick introduction. This is my first year fly-fishing since I was 18 and had the opportunity to try it out in the San Juan mtns in southern CO. I had some decent success sneaking up to pristine mountain ponds above 10,000' with a rental rod and some fly recommendations from a local shop in the area.(beginners luck?) Price and time prevented me from jumping into the sport in the years following but I continued to focus on lake/pond fishing for bass and pickerel and even some striper and tuna fishing here on the NH seacoast.

Last year the itch returned after a Memorial Day weekend trip up to Bogs Brook in Berlin, NH. We got into some native brookies about the size of my hand all caught on an ultra-light spincaster with meps or panther martin.

This spring I picked up a an Orvis Access rod and reel. I haven't caught anything yet here on the seacoast or sw NH after trying the Lamprey and Sugar rivers early in the season. I also tried the Israel River this past weekend in Jefferson, NH with no luck. These outings have been great practice for the different casting techniques and I'm now hitting my spots with fairly consistent fly turnover.

This weekend I am heading to Pittsburg, NH with my parents and fiance to get away and give a try at landing my "first" fish on a fly. (well my first in the last decade)

The plan was to hit Indian Stream and East Dead Diamond on Friday on our own and then have a guide take us to the different stretches of the CT on Saturday. Any other suggestions from those of you who are familiar with the area? Any stretches of the Indian or Diamond that we should try to find on friday? I'm sure the fly shop at Lopstick will have hatch/fly recommendations but any thoughts from those familiar with the area this time of year.

Great forum with tons of good information, thanks! I may not be able to return the favor on the fly-fishing stuff yet but if anyone has questions on landcruisers please feel free to ask!

I'll also report back with any information (and hopefully pics) from our trip after the weekend.

All the best,
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